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Ealing and District Ladies Monday Night League 2018

There are six clubs in the league this year and the first matches are scheduled for Monday 7 May - the fixture list is copied below.  Please note that Ealing Conservatives have changed their club name to Ealing Central.

The Monday Night League rules are listed below. Please note that PAULA EATON will be the Results Co-ordinator for 2018 and can be contacted by email pfeaton@googlemail.com or phone 01895-254151




Monday 7 MAY

Brentham v Ealing Central

Harlington v Hayes

West Ealing v Springfield

Monday 21 MAY

Springfield  v Brentham

Ealing Central  v Harlington

Hayes  v West Ealing

Monday 4 JUNE

Brentham v Hayes

Ealing Central v Springfield

West Ealing v Harlington

Monday 18 JUNE

Brentham v Harlington

Ealing Central v West Ealing

Springfield v Hayes

Monday 2 JULY

West Ealing v Brentham

Ealing Central v Hayes

Harlington v Springfield

Monday 16 JULY

Ealing Central v Brentham

Hayes v Harlington

Springfield v West Ealing

Monday 30 JULY

Brentham v Springfield

Harlington v Ealing Central

West Ealing v Hayes

Monday 13 AUGUST

Hayes v Brentham

Springfield v Ealing Central

Harlington v West Ealing

Monday 28 AUGUST

Harlington v Brentham

West Ealing v Ealing Central

Hayes v Springfield


Brentham v West Ealing

Hayes v Ealing Central

Springfield v Harlington


Ealing and District Bowling Association - Ladies Monday Night League - RULES

1.     The League is open to any club affiliated to Ealing and District Bowling Association.

2.      Each club in the League will have a named contact.

3.       A fixture list will be sent to the club contact, annually, for display on the club notice board.

4.      All participating teams must be members of the same club. If a person is a member of two clubs she is only allowed to represent one club throughout the season.

5.      Each game to consist of 1 rink (4 players) playing 18 ends, plus trial ends.

6.      Dress code is greys.

7.      It is thought that the Home team will contact their opponents prior to the game when mutually agreed Hospitality can be arranged.

8.      All games must be played in order to have a fair league result.

9.      All matches should be completed by Ealing and District Finals Day.


Rules of Play

(i)                All games should be played on a Monday but alternative arrangements can be made subject to mutual agreement.

(ii)              Games to start at 6 pm but if both teams are ready to play, or have previously agreed, the game can commence earlier.

(iii)            Should weather conditions be such that play cannot continue, play may be suspended until conditions improve. Should this not be possible the game may be resumed at a later date. Trial ends to be played if the game is resumed on another date.

(iv)            Games postponed or abandoned before the completion of 15 ends should be completed before the next fixture. After 15 ends the score shall stand.

(v)              At commencement of play it can be mutually agreed to play only 15 ends if it is thought that the light may fade.

(vi)            Should a team arrive with only three players they may play the game with the lead and number 2 each bowling 3 woods but a quarter of their total shots will be deducted at the end of the game.

(vii)          When County (or similar) events occur on a Monday, clubs affected should mutually re-arrange their games, hopefully before the following fixture.



League positions shall be determined on the principle of two points for a win and one point for a draw.

The position of two or more teams having the same points shall be determined by shot difference.



The winning team should telephone the results of the game to the Results Co-ordinator the same evening or within 24 hours of the game.

The score cards should be retained and sent to the Results Co-ordinator at the end of each month.


Queries or Disputes

Please contact the Results Co-ordinator