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November 30th 2018

At the November GPC meeting, question was asked 'do we need to be VAT registered? As a result of this question, the Club Treasurer investigated this matter and found that over the years, the Club has not needed to be VAT registered as our turnover no longer exceeds the VAT threshold level. In fact, if we had de-registered a year ago we would have been about 1k better off.

Therefore, as from 30th November 2018, the Club is no longer VAT registered. This obviously means we can't claim VAT back on goods/supplies, but then we gain by not having to pay VAT on bar sales, subscription, and most importantly, food we provide (we haven't been able to claim VAT on food supplies we buy in, but have had to pay VAT when we sell it)


September 30th 2018

Both the Club AGM's have now been completed and the new Committees can be seen here. Both meetings had a very poor attendance, especially the Club AGM, when there was a probability that the meeting would not take place due to lack of attendees (24 were needed and 22 were present. However two late-comers enabled the meeting to take place) We had 27 apologies for absence! Filling Committee positions for next year was also a struggle but they were all filled eventually. One position, Club Secretary, however was not filled from the floor, and at that point the meeting and the Club would have closed to await an EGM except for the good offices of Norma Howland, who, in the interest of Club continuation, offered her services again.

All in all, both meetings were extremely poorly attended and it is hoped more members will be forthcoming in 2019. It is your Club so don't be the ones to see it collapse.


July 30th 2018

Don't forget the Club AGM's are rapidly approaching! (Bowls AGM 23rd September, Club AGM 30th September) As agreed at last years AGM's both these meetings have minimum 'quorum' attendances as follows: Club AGM, 25% of eligible members, Bowls AGM, 20 eligible members. If these figures are not met then the relevant AGM will not take place. If you want the Club to carry on, then please attend both meetings. Minutes from last years meetings will be with you shortly.


July 29th 2018

We have now signed an agreement with Ealing United FC giving them the use of the field and old changing rooms commencing 1st August 2018. They will only be playing matches on Sunday mornings and only with junior players. They will not be members of our Club unless individuals wish to be, in which case they will have to apply in the usual manner. They will also assist in keeping the field maintained and cut.


July 19th 2018

Don't forget the 'Social Event of the Year' - Fun Day on Sunday, August 12th. As usual, the more people we get, the better the day, so rope in Friends and Family. Put your name's) on the list in the Clubhouse. Robin will be MoC as usual, and Ken H will be fiddling the results. Food will be available (at a price) so let's make it a Special Day.


July 16th 2018

We received news today that Mrs Eve Burton, an Honorary Life Member sadly passed away today. She had been unwell for several years as some of you will know.

Ron and Eve Burton moved to Poole 17 years ago after a long association with West Ealing. Ron was Bar Secretary for quite a number of years and both played bowls for the Club, and Ron was Captain at Poole Park Bowls Club for several years

Ron's daughters are on their way to him and he will be well supported by his family

If anyone wishes to sent a card then contact Ken Hodgson for address details

The funeral will be at Poole Crematorium on Friday 27th August at mid-day. After at Ron's house.


May 31st 2018

Further to the news of 23rd May, you may have noticed Romily driving our lawn tractor up and down the field. This is an ongoing task to get the field back to a 'playable' condition. If you can assist with this, please have a word with Romily. This task will be with us for at least the next 12 months in order to keep the grass level down so that football can be played on it.


May 25th 2018

Come down to the club , pull up a chair and get your cheering voices ready to watch England battle it out 

Monday 18th June - 7pm against Tunisia

Sunday 24th June - 1pm against Panama

Thursday 28th June - 7pm against Belgium

There will be some snacks so bring your appetite, money and support


May 23rd 2018

We are currently in negotiation with Ealing United, a local football group sponsored by the 'Will to Win' sports charity, for them to use the field on Sunday mornings for junior matches.

Final details have yet to be agreed but it is hoped that this will be good arrangement between the Club and Ealing United to provide them with favourable facilities in the form of the old Changing Rooms and hopefully increase the profile of the Club.

There is also the possibility of increasing Club membership through this liaison.