West Ealing Bowls and Social Club

Latest Updates

May 15th 2019 - Bowls news updated by Sue Butcher

Apr 22nd 2019 - Green Opening

Apr 14th 2019 - One Committee progress

Feb 22nd 2019 - Annual Presentation Night 2019

Feb 15th 2019 - Rene Barber

Feb 15th 2019 - Barring any late entries, the 2019 Fixture List is now on the website. Booklets will be issued in due course

Feb 1st 2019 - Team sheet for Cambridge Park IBC 2nd February, now on website

Jan 25th 2019 - Team sheet for Hounslow IBC 26th January, now on website

Dec 17th 2018 - We have joined a new Bowls League for the 2019 Season.

Nov 30th 2018 - News about VAT

Nov 15th 2018 - Team Sheet for Hounslow on 24th November

Nov 9th 2018 - Updates to Minutes of Meetings and AGM's

Oct 25th 2018 - Change of date and venue for Ad Finem Presentation Night

Sep 30th 2018 - Club Management following AGM. Also updated Club News

Sep 25th 2018 - Various updates to Events Diary. Note changed date for Presentation night

Sep 23rd 2018 - New Bowls Section Committee

Sep 17th 2018 - The end of Leamington for this year!

Sep 9th 2018 - Leamington Spa on the horizon! See the team sheet here and some do's and don'ts!

Sep 8th 2018 - Updates to Club Competitions

Sep 3rd 2018 - A very successful weekend!!!

Aug 31st 2018 - Important new about the Club Competitions. Please read this!

Aug 28th 2018 - Men's Top Club news

Aug 22nd 2018 - Updated Club Comps

Aug 18th 2018 -Updates to Minutes and Meetings Index

Aug 17th 2018 - WEBC 500 Club result The 300 Snowball has gone!! This weekends Team Sheet

Aug 15th 2018 - BE Top Club venue and Team sheet

Aug 13th 2018 - Club Competitions latest updates

Aug12th 2018 - Fun Day. The final outcome

Aug 10th 2018 - Team Sheet for Saturday

Aug 2nd 2018 - Men's Top Club team for Sunday

July 30th 2018 - Bowls News and Club News

July 25th 2018 - Team Sheets for upcoming games and Bowls News

July 23rd 2018 - WEBC 500 Club. See July winners. The Snowball wasn't won, so that rolls over to August - 300. Remember you have to in the Club when the draw is made to win it. (Draw time 9.30pm)

July 22nd 2018 - External Competition updates

July 19th 2018 - It is fast approaching!! FUN DAY

July 16th 2018 - Sad Club News

July 15th 2018 - More news from Sue, your Bowls Secretary (Includes the new Club Shirts)

July 14th 2018 - Latest Bowls News

July 12th 2018 - Team Sheets for the weekend Double Fours and Top Club. Good luck to all! Also, more Competition news

July 9th 2018 - Current situation with External Competitions

July 5th 2018 - Top Club success for the Men

July 2nd 2018 - Success for our ladies

July 1st 2018 - Complaints from drinkers New bottle cooler

July 1st 2018 - Important Financial update.

Jun 29th 2018 - Team Sheets for this weekend, BE Top Club next Tuesday and 'blanks' for the next two weeks! We always need more names. The Club cannot afford to have games cancelled because of lack of players, especially ours!!

Jun 26th 2018 - Karen and Chris Ryan hit the big time! Terrific result in Family Pairs. Also a slight change to the July Events Diary

Jun 25th 2018 - Latest news from bowls activities - mostly brilliant!

Jun 22nd 2018 - Latest updates to this weekends Team Sheets and latest results from BE and MCBA competitions

Jun 19th 2018 - Updates to the Bar operations!

Jun 18th 2018 - Team Sheets for Top Clubs this week

Jun 16th 2018 - The Ladies march forever onwards and upwards! They have reached the quarter finals of the Top Club

Jun 15th 2018 - 500 Club results for June Don't forget the Snowball for July is now 250! Be at the Club to win it.  Jun 15th 2018 - A little update in Social Activities

Jun 11th 2018 - Team for Men's EBA Double 4's - 14th June

Jun 7th 2018 - The Men's Club Competitions are now on the website. Please note the comments about the ladies Competitions and help Rob out if you can

Jun 6th 2018 - Team sheets for this weekend. Note that a lot more names are needed by Bill for the Court Park fixture on Sunday!!

Jun 1st 2018 - Team sheets for this weekend

May 31st 2018 - Progress on field

May 30th 2018 - Men's Top Club and Double Fours teams

May 25th 2018 - This weeks Team sheets

May 24th 2018 - Club News

May 23rd 2018 - Team Sheet

May 21st 2018 - Fixtures & Bowls Calendar

May 18th 2018 - WEBC 500 Club results, Team Sheets, Fixtures & Bowls Calendar

May 11th 2018 - Team Sheets

May 10th 2018 - Updates to Events Diary

May 9th 2018 - Bowls Catering

May 5th 2018 - Bowls News

May 3rd 2018 - Team sheets for upcoming weekend games are here

May 2nd 2018 - Team sheets for L & SC Shield (Men) and Ladies Top Club are here

Apr 28th 2018 - Change of Club Management. Jennie Fox has decided to stand down and the GPC has filled the vacancy by Romily Hunt volunteering his services.

Apr 24th 2018 - Latest 500 Club results now on the website. Note that the time of the Draw changes to 9.30pm in May

Apr 16th 2018 - Team Sheets for the first part of the season are on the chalet notice board. Names are needed so get yours on the list!

Apr 15th 2018 - Fixture Cards are now available at the Club behind the bar. Also contact details for Members are in the chalet

Mar 27th 2018 - The Fixture List for 2018 is now on the website, Also the Team Sheets for the first few games will be completed in due course.

Mar 26th 2018 - Bowls News update

Mar 24th 2018 - E & D AGM

Mar 21st 2018 - Updates to Events Diary

Mar 20th 2018 - May Pairs are back again! Click here for details

Mar 18th 2018 - Additional game with Hounslow IBC March 24th

Mar 18th 2018 - Club Quiz night

Mar 16th 2018 - March 500 Club results

Mar 14th 2018 - National Bowls England 2018 Competition Draws

Mar 7th 2018 - Events Diary updates: Ad Finem Presentation, Club Quiz etc

Feb 23rd 2018 - Addition of Ladies Monday Night League

Jan 28th 2018 - Changes to Membership details.

Jan 19th 2018 - We now have a Club Bowls Coach.

Jan 18th 2018 - Bowls Catering requirements for 2018 added to website. Organisers required!!

Jan 16th 2018 - Update of Club Rules following 2017 AGM

Jan 14th 2018 - Now only 6 spare shares in the 500Club!

Jan 3rd 2018 - Addition of Committee Meeting dates

Jan 1st 2018 - Changes to Membership Subscriptions

Dec 31st 2017 - First edition of 2018 Fixtures List

Dec 31st 2017 - Updates to 500 Club results for the Xmas Draw. Click link above. There are currently sixteen 500 Club Shares for sale. Speak to David Godfrey if you would like some.

Dec 16th 2017 - Xmas 500 Club Results. Membership Subscription Renewal time has now expired! If you have forgotten to pay, the please do so now. Speak to Norma Howland or Ken Hodgson. Anyone not renewed by 31st December 2017 will be deemed to have resigned from the Club.

Dec 11th 2017 - Cancellation of Cambridge Park IBC match.

Dec 1st 2017 - Minor updates to the Events Diary and Club Administration index

Nov 19th 2017 - Team for Hounslow IBC on website. Password required.

Oct 29th 2017 - Subscriptions due before end of November Password required

Oct 21st 2017 - Updates to the Diary pages regarding the 'Wednesday Afternoon Roll-up Club' and their winter activities!

Oct 19th 2017 - We now have an Assistant Bowls Secretary for the coming year. Check Admin to see who it is!!

Oct 18th 2017 - See the revised Club Rules following the 2017 Club AGM

Oct 15th 2017 - Check the Diary page for details of the up-coming presentation night at the Club on Saturday 21st October. Let Norma know if you are attending but haven't put your name down on the list.

Oct 14th 2017 - Various amendments to the Diary pages.

Oct 9th 2017 - Club Website re-launched. Simpler format!